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About Splasher

Keeping you dry for over 35 years!

Splasher Outerwear Ltd. has been a home based operation from the get-go, and we strive to keep our customers satisfied by being receptive to their needs.

In return we implement our perfected craft to provide a product that is 100% Canadian and we proudly stand behind our workmanship.

Here at Splasher “Everyone Gets a Fit!” as our product line expands by listening to the ideas and requests we get from our clients in order to meet their needs.

Our garments have come to suit many lifestyles; from the rugged, demanding jobs of the everyday working class, to children who love outdoor exploration and play.

So if you have an idea that would be beneficial to your manner of living, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have helped hundreds of people in several unique ways to provide practical and reliable outerwear that will keep you dry.

And did we mention, you’ll look pretty darn good in it too!